Luminous Numinous added to ThreeThousand's 'Calendar'


ThreeThousand's Sabina McKenna added Luminous Numinous to their calendar for the end of April, 2016.

"Luminous (adj): “bright or glowing”
Numinous (adj): “having a mysterious or spiritual quality”.

This weekend is the last weekend of Claire Lefbvre's exhibition Luminous Numinous, and you can expect to see exactly what's defined in the show's title: bright and glowing mysterious splotches of paint.

Did you know colours can make you feel a certain way just by simply beholding them? Certain colours have even been related to making you feel hungry (we aren't sure which ones) but we are sure that you'll be hungry for more art after you see the pieces of poured paint on canvas that make up Luminous Numinous solo exhibition. "