Opening 21st July at Alternating Current Art Space, Claire Lefebvre: 'Awe is what moves us forward' presents a series of paintings and soft hanging sculptures that use layering, collage and mark making to explore emotion, perception and the material possibilities of paint and fabric.

Friday 21 July – 12 August 2017

Alternating Current Art Space, 248 High Street Windsor, Victoria.

OPENING DRINKS: Friday 21 July, 6-8pm

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday & Friday 12-7pm; Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm


Further information about the project

''Awe is what moves us forward' is a series of paintings and soft hanging sculptures that use layering, collage and mark making to explore emotion, perception and the material possibilities of paint and fabric. Informed by writer Joseph Campbell's belief that "awe is what moves us forward", this exhibition investigates moments of transformation and notions around how curiosity can promote paradigm shifts. The paintings and sculptures allude to ambiguous architectural and biological forms, with surfaces that invite tactile interaction. The soft bodily sculptures, a three-dimensional extension of the paintings, offer an alternate way to experience the exhibition's themes. Through creating moments of fascination and discovery, this series sets up a different way to explore how we see ourselves and our world.

United States of Curiosity

You are invited to experience Claire's latest solo exhibition "United States of Curiosity" opening October 12 at Red Gallery, North Fitzroy.

What: A solo exhibition of paintings.

When: October 12 – 29

            Opening night: Wednesday October 12, 6-8pm

            Gallery hours: Wednesday to Saturday 11:00am – 5:00 pm

 Where:  Red Gallery, 157 St Georges Rd, North Fitzroy VIC 3068

Limited Edition Prints now available

Limited Edition prints are now available.

About the Prints
Each print is signed and numbered by Claire Lefebvre, and has been printed by local printing house Hound & Bone Printers. Works are unframed but framing is easily available by request. Each work comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Prints are currently available in A4 and A3 sizes and are in a limited run of 50 prints each. 

*Once the prints sell out, they will not be reproduced.*

Email claire@clairelefebvre.com.au for purchase details.

Luminous Numinous added to ThreeThousand's 'Calendar'




ThreeThousand's Sabina McKenna added Luminous Numinous to their calendar for the end of April, 2016.

"Luminous (adj): “bright or glowing”
Numinous (adj): “having a mysterious or spiritual quality”.

This weekend is the last weekend of Claire Lefbvre's exhibition Luminous Numinous, and you can expect to see exactly what's defined in the show's title: bright and glowing mysterious splotches of paint.

Did you know colours can make you feel a certain way just by simply beholding them? Certain colours have even been related to making you feel hungry (we aren't sure which ones) but we are sure that you'll be hungry for more art after you see the pieces of poured paint on canvas that make up Luminous Numinous solo exhibition. "

Luminous Numinous Featured in Broadsheet's "Five Art Exhibitions to See in Melbourne This Week"


Will Cox of Broadsheet Melbourne recommended Claire's show Luminous Numinous as one of the five must see shows over the ANZAC long weekend in Melbourne. Other shows listed were Andy Warhol/ Ai Wei Wei at NGV; Paul Yore at Neon Parc; Dancing Umbrellas and Making History: Angry Penguins at Heide MoMA; and Bill Henson's Oneiroi at the Hellenic Museum.

"Got some free time coming up? Here are five shows worth checking out in Melbourne right now. Some even share a gallery, or are next door to each other, so you don’t need to travel far.

Paul Yore at Neon Parc Brunswick and Claire Lefebvre’s Luminous Numinous at Tinning Street

These two colourful, brash shows open this Friday night in two galleries a stone’s throw from each other in Brunswick.

Paul Yore hasn’t had a solo show in Melbourne since 2013, when he became one of two artists accused (and acquitted) of peddling child pornography (see also Bill Henson). The new show is the result of a two-year pilgrimage to Europe, and invokes excess, pop culture, porn and cartoons. Expect large textile collages, as well as sound and video installations, all in the frantic, kindergarten-nightmare Yore style.

Up the road at Tinning Street, Claire Lefebvre’s work is a calmer experience: all silken lines and flowing, warm, velveteen splashes of colour made by pouring paint straight onto the canvas.

Paul Yore's solo exhibition runs at Neon Parc Brunswick until June 18.

Claire Lefebvre’s Luminous Numinous runs at Tinning Street Presents until May 1."